Graphic Designer

Interfaith Center

This is a collaborative project I worked on with two other designers, Julie Campbell and Alaina Ytilo. We decided we wanted to rebrand and redesign the website for one of our on-campus resources, so we chose the Interfaith Center. 

The Interfaith Center is a safe place where students can go for religious reasons or personal reasons, it's open to any one who wants to use it. We wanted our website reflect the atmosphere the Interfaith Center gives off, so we included light colors mirroring the tapestries hanging in the lower church. We wanted to stray away from a very religious vibe and lean more towards the community aspect of the Interfaith Center. We made each of the religious icons all very similar so that one religion wouldn't outshone the rest, we really wanted to show the aspect of equality Our process involved lots user testing and usability testing, we created multiple site maps, card sorting exercises, and a variety of wire frames so we could get every one of our ideas on on the field. We created multiple personas as well and followed through what their experience on our website would be and how affective the website was to get them the information they needed. In the end, our tests were very effective and we got really good results. We then took our wire frames and mocked them up in Invision so we could really get a feel of our website would flow.

Below I have the mockups I specifically worked on, as well as a link to our Invision prototypes,