Graphic Designer

Organ Harvesting

This is a project I worked on based around a form of human trafficking. I chose organ harvseting out of the many options, mainly because it's not thought of as seriously as other forms of human trafficking. When people think "organ harvesting" they imagine someone slipping you a sedative at the bar and then you waking up in a bathtub full of ice without one of your kidneys. That's what is always portrayed in the movies, and yes it does happen once in a while, but thats not the type of organ harvesting I'm talking about here. 

This organ harvesting is based around doctors, unsuspecting patients, and the black market. In my design, I wanted to show the seriousness of organ harvesting by showing the data of organ harvesting in the United States and China. I wanted to show that organ harvesting happens in the United States, a country where we regulate most things pretty thoroughly. Almost half of all transplants are illegal in our country, which is quite a big number. But, when compared to China, almost all of their transplants are illegal. 

While working on this project I did a lot of background research on organ harvesting and the severity of it in these two countries. I then took my data and spanned it across a poster, a brochure, and a webpage.